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Research is making a difference

In recent years, research breakthroughs have tripled the life expectancy for advanced melanoma patients... We are making progress, but we need your support to help find a cure!

By supporting Melanoma March, you are helping us connect the melanoma histories of thousands of people across Australia, and in doing so, maximise advances in treatment. Melanoma March connects people affected by melanoma around the country, united together by marching to raise awareness and funds for research. 

In contrast, however, the clinical stories of melanoma patients’ treatment pathways and health outcomes are not currently linked in Australia. If they were, GPs, specialists and clinics across the country would be able to learn from this very valuable comparative data pool and benchmark the way they treat melanoma so that every patient can receive the best possible standard of care. The way to achieve this is through a national melanoma register.

In 2016, the funds raised by Melanoma March enabled us to begin building this vital network, and funds raised this year will ensure the national register is rolled out and equipped to capture this important data. This will enable the sharing and transfer of knowledge. This is a collaborative, national effort to record, monitor and improve the quality of care for every melanoma patient.

We need your help to help make this happen.

Each year, Melanoma March enables MIA to support initiatives which see researchers working together in a focussed way. Projects must have “national significance” and aim to deliver better outcomes for Australians with melanoma wherever they live.

2016 - Big Data for Melanoma

Our 2016 Melanoma March raised $850,000 with funding supporting ‘Big Data for Melanoma’, a project that will ultimately transform the way patients are treated. It will map and track melanoma care through a new national register, so that we can understand how to ensure anyone treating melanoma, anywhere in Australia, has access to the tools and information that will deliver the best care.

2015 - Australian PDX Melanoma Project

In 2015, $630,000 was raised from Melanoma March. Through a rigorous process of selection, the Australian PDX Melanoma Project (AXMAP) was chosen, to be run out of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne.

This project aims to unravel melanoma’s genetic and biological secrets. Understanding why only some patients respond to treatment is critical to increasing patient survival. Our colleagues at Peter Mac are using this funding to develop laboratory models of cells from patients with different types of melanoma, especially ones where treatment options are limited.

By using melanoma cells directly from patients, these models can be much better at predicting treatment results. Once developed, the cells will be used by researchers all around Australia to help find more effective therapies for melanoma patients.

2014 - The Australian Brain Collaboration

Our 2014 Melanoma March raised $550,000. Funds were used to establish the Australian Brain Collaboration (ABC), a ground-breaking clinical trial that compares the use of various immunotherapies in patients with melanoma that has spread to their brain.

Running since 2014, 4 major melanoma centres in Australia are now actively recruiting – MIA (NSW), Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (VIC), Princess Alexandra Hospital (QLD) and Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH). The study is showing promising early findings, with patients who once were given just months to live now surviving longer than a year.

By supporting Melanoma March, you will fund vital melanoma research to help end melanoma.



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