Online Fundraising

Fundraising Tips and Tools

With your support, we’re moving closer to a cure for melanoma

The funds you raise through Melanoma March will go towards vital research that will change the lives of thousands of people diagnosed with melanoma. The more funds we raise, the closer we can move to finding a cure.

Registering to participate is the first step towards supporting Melanoma March.
By fundraising, you can make an even bigger contribution to ending melanoma.

Top tips to move your fundraising to the next level

  • Personalise your online fundraising page +-
    • There are a few simple and quick things you can do to your online fundraising page to help you attract more donations. Add photos and some brief information to tell people what you’re doing and why you are supporting MIA and melanoma research. Be sincere and honest - and keep it concise.

  • Set yourself an ambitious fundraising goal +-
    • Aim high - then go higher! Setting an ambitious goal will grab the attention of people and hopefully inspire them to help you achieve it. Keep your family and friends updated with how you’re progressing in achieving your target.

  • Make a donation yourself +-
    • Donate $50 or $100 to yourself and ask your family to do the same. Some large donations at the start of your campaign can encourage others to donate the same amount. The higher the average donation, the more funds you will raise for melanoma research.

  • Don’t be shy +-
    • Sometimes all people need to donate is gentle prompt or a suggestion. Often what you ask for is what you get so don’t be shy when it comes time to ask for support. Suggest to your family and friends that they make a donation that is doable and appropriate for them, or personalise the amount you ask for depending on who you are asking. Every dollar will help MIA move closer to finding a cure.

  • Make the most of social media +-
    • For a quick and easy way to let your family and friends know about your fundraising, use emails, texts or social media. Personalise your messages as much as possible. Status updates and regular posts are a good way to reach lots of people, however individual or small group messages and emails are most effective. Be sure to connect your fundraising page to Facebook. This will make it easier to share your progress with your supporters who follow you on social media. Always include a link to your fundraising page in your message so that people can donate right away.

  • Dollar matching +-
    • Ask your employer if they will match your fundraising effort. Some organisations may not dollar match, however you might inspire them to give you a tax deductible donation.

  • Say Thank You! +-
    • We have setup an automated thank you email to be sent to every donor, but a personal message of thanks from you can make a big difference. Consider sending a personal email or posting a Facebook shout out to anyone who makes a donation to your page. Not only will your generous donor feel appreciated but seeing other people making donations may motivate others to give as well!

      Good luck! We are grateful for your support!